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Net-a-porter, Mr. Porter, Asos, Moda Operandi, The Iconic and the list goes on. These are the names that you hear, when you ask someone about their latest purchase.

High end fashion, to fast fashion giants like Zara and Topshop have all focused a large amount of their business into online shopping. In this technological era, where women have more money but less time, online shopping became an essential in life.

Things are required to be quick and prompt. Time is not to be wasted driving 20 minutes to the nearest mall and browsing through the limited collection that are in stock. The online medium has now known to be one of the key factors of fashion retailing. But why is there hype into online shopping?

First we look into international labels like Marc Jacobs, YSL, or Burberry. In truth, we do have them stocked in various locations in Australia from stand alone boutiques to large department stores. But the reality to that is the limitation of stock in both styles and sizes of the brands that made the consumers resort for the online portal, where you can get the latest collection for a fraction less of the retail price in store. Even local designers in Australia, are resorting to this online portal, especially emerging designers.

Why? Because of limited budget.

Emerging designers whom are barely able to afford making their collection due to quantity restraint and the small market reach in the initial stages, simple cannot afford to cough up an extra budget to accommodate a permanent space for retail business.

In the online world, it barely costs anything to start a website, a shopping portal and you could soon be stocked in an international level, instead of a small retail space down on the popular fashion district, which would cost an arm or a leg.

There are plenty rooms for argument on the topic of online versus traditional retailing. While online shopping is easy and accessible in many levels, nothing beats the traditional retail and its customer service.

Entering a store, touching the fabrics and trying them on with a full-length mirror gives you a better enjoyment in comparison to clicking on a computer screen. Customer service and the individual interior of each stores gives a personalised and intimate feeling for the consumers that could not be replaced by the online portal, even though if online retailers wrap them in a box with a ribbon and a personalised card printed with your name for it.

The feeling of purchasing an item and walking out of the store with a sleek shopping bag and excellent customer service are irreplaceable.

Truth to the fact is, in this time and age, there is no one-way of doing anything. The most efficient way of life is adaptation and hybrid. Mixing and matching just like an outfit.

After all, no one likes a full-blown decked out designer look anymore.