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Summer is upon us and it’s a good time now to reflect on your beauty collections and figure out what you’ll be needing to get through the warmer months looking beautiful. There are plenty of new products on the markets and as your beauty editor, I’ve hunted down some luxurious products this month to help you glow, even if the sun is beaming down upon you!



MAC Minerlize Foundation:


MAC is a truly superior product when it comes to cosmetics, you can be sure your make artist is a pro if she or he has MAC in their kit!

Minerlize is a silky, mineral rich loose Foundation with everyday SPF 15 protection.  It provides a medium to natural-satin finish, brushes on for a smooth, radiant look. The natural mineral base helps skin stay healthy and nourished.

The Minerlize foundation is no exception to the fabulous quality of the MAC range, its good for both day and night and has great staying power.

MAC have a flawless reputation with shades and the foundation comes in a variety of bases including a yellow one that suits my skin perfectly and not so easy to find.

The great benefit of Minerlize foundation is you can apply just where you need it for sheer coverage which is great during the day or build it up with a sponge for medium coverage in the evenings.

I have sensitive skin and this product does not react or cause me to produce oiliness build up which is rare and big thumbs up and I can usually tell straight away from the feel of a product on my skin.

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Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick:

The IT color right now is definitely Plum, the deep, sensual tones of purple in a matt lipstick for super sophistication. I’ve chosen the Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Plum Couture for its deep, shine and moisturizing quality.

It’s a luscious lipstick that will stay on when you drink red wine in a Parisian basement bar while being mused by the local talent. It’s quite a dark shade so if you go for dramatic deep plum lips, remember keep the eyes simple and light. 




Trilogy RoseHip Oil.

I was introduced to this product by a totally organic and luxurious Day Spa in the Daintree Rain forest. Wide scientific research has recently discovered that Rose Hip Oil is natures wonder product, it actually moisturizers and reduces fine lines and wrinkles and creates more firmness in the skin.

Being light weight oil you only need 2-3  drops of this product and it doesn’t leave an oily residue, it’s so fine the skin absorbs it without greasiness and can be worn with your moisturizer or before bed.

It has won numerous beauty awards and the recommendation of dermatologists. Dr. Lewinn;s products are popping up just about everywhere lately and I am pretty sure I saw a collection at Coles the other day. And why not, it’s got a huge celebrity endorsement and is a simple, affordable product development by a doctor.

The Gentle face Moisturizer is a rich, aloe based cleansing lotion that removes all types of make up, including eye make up, lipstick and waterproof foundation. It’s especially suited for sensitive skins, is water soluble and suited for most skin types. It really is an all rounder product and one you can count on.

Gently massage in a circular motion on the face and neck and remove gently with pads or water.


Agadir Argan Oil Spray Treatment

The hot product in hair right now is oil treatment and the Argan Oil is a certified oil and one of the best I’ve come across. It’s a light weight oil that penetrates the hair shaft and moisturizer, builds shine and gives hair life.

The great benefit is when you apply this oil to towel dried hair it reduces the drying time by 40-50% locking in moisture. It eliminates frizz and provides protection from harmful UV.

It comes in different sizes including a sample sachet at hair House Warehouse.



Color Class

Hair Colors this Summer are going back to basics, bold, solid colors with maximum shine and line. We are moving away from the two-

beuatyonetoned highlights and dip dyed extreme looks to a more subtle tone variation and more solid one tone colors. Earthy tones look great in Autumn with bold statement hues and rich luxurious shimmer. Remember to keep your color rejuvenated by using a quality shampoo and conditioner like a revitalizing treatment. The Joico K-PAK treatment is a powerful five minute reconstructor that builds and moisturizers chemically treated hair leaving weak or damaged hair restored to its original strength. It will also prevent greater color loss and make your hair more responsive to styling.

With your face, hair and body looking and feeling good you will surely feel more radiant and positive each time you look in the mirror. I always say beauty is not just an inside job but an on-going relationship between your inner and outer selves. Loki commits to hunt down the finest quality and genuine beauty products: our readers deserve the very best and we will bring it to them!