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Designer Demoo Parkchoonmoo has delivered her new collection, incorporating traditional Korean influences with modern architectural twists. Hailing from Korea, where her family owned a children’s apparel company and a happy fixture in her father’s factory and showroom, Park was fascinated by the transformative and reflective nature of clothing and hence, her love of fashion was born. This season we see the signature monochromic pallet, with the occasional hues of blue, red and layering. This designer can do no wrong.      0_77654600_1473472065 0_90197200_1473472034 0_22844400_1473471805 0_83597300_1473471544-1 0_23023000_1473471509 0_38544500_1473471469 0_02409600_1473471417 0_59960100_1473471440 0_20072200_1473471295 0_87891000_1473472422 0_13396500_1473472203 0_50844800_1473472156 0_72950600_1473472091 0_58276300_1473471970 0_84991700_1473471905 0_37010200_1473471623 0_83597300_1473471544