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Building your own business is no easy feat, so when mastermind Chris Allaire launched Averity he had a vision for how the company would evolve. His mission: to make the workplace fun, exciting and enjoyable to be an employee and to find jobs for people in tech.

Averity is the brain child of Chris Allaire, it’s purpose to bring legitimate jobs to professionals in the tech industry. Finding a suitable candidate to fill a position is a hard feat. People hire people, and through his business Averity, he is able to select the right person for the right job from a humanistic perspective, looking beyond the application and resume, especially in the midst of a pandemic where person to person contact is limited. 

Through Averity, he was able to change the nature of the recruiting industry with a goal of building a company that pioneers a change by providing an unparalleled experience with the way people interact with each other. 

Chris himself attests to ethics that are reflective in the way he governs his life and exemplifies the way the company is run. With a career that began in recruiting and staffing, he successfully excelled in business on a National level starting as early as 1998 and expanding in LA, Boston, San Francisco and New York. 

Chris lives by simple life philosophies. His words “If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing.” And to “Find something you’re good at and do it better than anyone else.” He is a proud husband and father, a connoisseur chef, golfer, guitarist, dog lover, pilot and baseball enthusiast. 

He craved to do something he loved, which is helping others. His altruistic nature is apparent, and through his work as the CEO Of Averity, he is able to make an impact on the professional careers of many globally.