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Rene by RR unveiled his new Spring/Summer 2020 collection on the first day of Miami Fashion Week to a packed audience that delighted in every design.

The collection was inspired by the 1980s classic film “Overboard” features Goldie Hawn, who plays a wealthy woman who falls overboard her yacht and ends up living with a down on his luck father of four, played by Kurt Russell, and is given her comeuppance by this family as she’s brought back down to earth through menial tasks taking care of the family.

The show opened with a bathing suit with a golden ruffle across the chest followed by a male model in white trunks. The subtle-hued palate included golds, white, blue, and tan. The lineup slipped into something more comfortable with see through skirts and pants, summery suits, and sheer light textures.

The men’s suits had a more boxy aesthetic while the women’s featured cool summery dresses in blue and white checks. The packed audience loved the aesthetic and warm ambience. We are excited to see whats next!