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Let’s face it, modern dating is far different than our grandmothers and forefathers generation, heck, it’s even changed since our mothers generation. For most of my time living in manhattan i’ve been a single gal out and about town. I’ve been on over 100 dates in New York, & I havent even began to figure it all out. So, when the chance arose to attend the modern dating etiquette class at The Plaza, i jumped at the chance to find out more and potentially fill the gaps in my dating cycle.

The class to my surprise and pleasure was not what i was anticipating. I was expecting strict rules with do’s and don’t. Throughout the course of the night, i not only learned how to hold my knife and fork correctly, I also learned some new dating terminology and behaviors patterns.

Here are some of the tips & tricks I learned:

The first date should be tailored to meet up over coffee or drinks. The reason behind this is so that you don’t get stuck in an 3 hour long dinner if things aren’t going so well. This also allows for an easy escape route.

Another great tip is to be mindful how your date treats the waiter, it could be an indicator on how he or she will treat you. Another modern date rule is not to point out gender, it’s more appropriate to say ,”after you.” 

Some of the class terminology were catch and release, meaning they are after the chase, once they get you, they disappear.

Ghosting, which is a major concern for both men and woman alike. Ghosting was summed up quite simply as rude and immature. If someone ghosts you don’t take it personally, just move on. Like Ariana Grande says, Thank you Next…

Overall the class was fun, entertaining, and eye opening. Not  only did i learn some new dating terms, it included stats about online dating and dating in Manhattan. For example 50% of New Yorkers are single. I thought the pool was much smaller. Another helpful tip is to visit new places to meet new people. Most people tend to have their favorite hang outs, but it’s advised to seek out new territory. Overall date, have fun, there might be some surprises along the way.