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The 2016 Clinton Global Initiative quickly approaches and with it comes a spotlight on business and world economies.  There are very real opportunities that are slipping beyond our vision that could greatly impact investing and strengthen world markets.  While this year’s summit seems to have a usual focus on human rights and climate policies, there is an underlying thread of business development beyond our borders that should clue us in to a bigger financial outline wanting to burst forward.

There is an increase in communication on solidifying struggling communities and bringing an influx of education and skills to its people.  For instance, there is a discussion being held on African economic growth and sustainable resource management.  Businesses are thriving in locations thought to be financially stagnant  or stalemated by war.  The CGI is encouraging open talks and networking among professionals with the goal of uniting communities and providing cultivation so they are working towards stabilizing a single economy.  Not only is this a triumph for the country and its citizens but this only increases the vigor and prosperity of the global market in its entirety.  With each nation that improves from within, we are seeing robust trade, currency elevation, better valuation on production and more diverse opportunities for investing and strategy.

This is only intensified by the open dialogues that will be held on anchoring underdeveloped infrastructures in harsh regions and increasing the scale of services to the populace of those regions.  By reducing risk and providing basic solutions for stimulating growth, we are enabling entire communities to create their own prosperity.  Reducing the struggle brought on through poor services ensures a mindset switch from just survive to thrive.  The event looks towards empowering refugees, war addled nations and rural communities by implementing the resources needed to sustain and overcome in order to exact the change necessary for stimulus.

A highlight of the upcoming CGI is the session on social entrepreneurs from around the world.  The objective is to confront challenges facing social entrepreneurs and achieve a greater impact through scaling their enterprises.  Issues such as access to capital, exposure to markets, recruitment, business models and incorporation of programs supporting women and minority based enterprises are defined and dissected.  Through understanding the ideas and obstacles of international entrepreneurs, we are better able to assess global market trends and explore more fruitful opportunities for progression.

While the Clinton Global Initiative is no stranger to paving the way through climate difficulties, a discussion will be held on using climate solutions to bring prosperity to an area.  One side will address how a lack of proper energy services can cripple a region while the other will pertain to how these conditions can lead to a surge of economic growth from businesses and governments.  Investing in clean energy and sustainable services to these sections in need will provide better situations for health, education and wealth creation.  A new wave of entrepreneurs living in these impoverished communities will start to develop and evolve.  Similar to the climate prosperity talks, there will also be light shed on agriculture and urban development leading to spurs in economy and investing.

Particular attention will also be paid to impact investing and catalytic capital.  Impact investing refers to investments made with the intention to generate not only a financial return but some sort of beneficial social or environmental impact as well.  The CGI will be delving into strategies to access more capital, talent and exposure to markets to inspire more impact investments.  With the drive to illuminate how energy and agricultural solutions can lead to prosperity and embolden a nation, it would only make sense to provoke the desire for impact investing in those areas.

The 2016 CGI will be expanding on this topic by examining a wide variety and the most efficient financial tactics in which to infuse capital into these impact investments.  Investors, bankers, donors and the like will be sharing current stratagems and brainstorming fresh ways to do creative financing and blend financial transactions in order to bring these projects to closure.  With the varied structures of deal flow in today’s market, its prudent to be aware of the broader scope of financial solutions available.

With forums on social enterprise, inclusive growth, the burgeoning freelance economy and establishing sector prosperity, the 2016 annual Clinton Global Initiative is shaping up to be an enlightened perspective on business development and world markets.  Last years event was focused on impact and setting the standard for universal change and implementation.  The 2016 meeting taking place in the heart of New York City looks to be setting its sights on skyrocketing that idea and enacting real world determinations and global economic proliferation.